Hawk: 'Definitely surprised' about Tressel

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk played four seasons under Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Tuesday, Hawk strongly defended Tressel, who resigned Tuesday amid new allegations about NCAA rules violations at the school.

Hawk said Tressel was "loyal to a fault" to his players and suggested those involved in the scandal should take responsibility. Most interestingly, Hawk said he never saw any evidence of what has been alleged during his time in school.

"I have people on my team in Green Bay that try to joke with me and act like, OK we know people at Ohio State are doing that," Hawk said "The crazy thing is, in my four years there, I never saw anything like that. ... That never got inside the locker room, I would say. It was never anything I was aware of.

"I'm definitely surprised with the stuff that's coming out now. ... I think there are definitely some guys that are a little bitter toward the school, some former players, that want to come out and make stuff public that may or may not be true."