Have at it: Favre and ticket sales

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Oh boy. My corporate cousins over at ESPN 1000 in Chicago noticed this report in the Star Tribune and went to town. The story notes that Minnesota still had 6,000 season tickets available after the initial surge of purchases related to the signing of quarterback Brett Favre.

As a result, the hosts of the Waddle and Silvy show declared Vikings fans “the worst fan base in all of America.” You can listen for yourself in this podcast.

I don’t present this merely to throw blood in the water. (Just a few drops.) I’d actually like to see some discussion below about Favre’s impact (or lack thereof) on the Vikings’ ticket sales and what, if anything, it means.

Remember, this is not a new issue. The Vikings needed corporate help multiple times last season to avoid local television blackouts and also received two extensions from the NFL to sell out its divisional playoff game against Philadelphia. They have some of the most entertaining players in the NFL, including tailback Adrian Peterson and defensive end Jared Allen, and play in a stadium that requires less than 63,000 tickets sold to be considered sold out.

There are economic realities to consider, as well as the strain of four professional teams and a Division I university on a mid-level market. Let me know what you think and we’ll circle back later this week in the triumphant return of “Have at it.” So, have at it.