Audio: Nick Collins on Jay Cutler

From Tuesday: First, ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd asked Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins to name the toughest quarterback to intercept in the NFL.


Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

(Clearly, Collins had checked out ESPN.com's Power Rankings this week.)

Then, Cowherd asked: Who is the easiest?

"You know," Collins said, "I do have my fair share against, I think, against Jay Cutler. But he is still a good quarterback. I take nothing from Jay. But at the end of the day I do get a good read on him on certain plays. So, but I would say Jay."

Collins has three interceptions in four games since Cutler became the Chicago Bears' quarterback in 2009.

The entire interview is available for your listening pleasure.

The floor is open for your mudslinging pleasure.