Doh: James Harrison had 1 tackle in XLV

From an NFC North perspective, I've got exactly two cents on the ridiculous comments of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison in a recent interview with Men's Journal.

$0.01: Harrison took a shot at Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for throwing two interceptions in Super Bowl XLV against the Packers. Harrison's line for that game: 1 tackle. It was a sack that came on a stunt designed to get him away from Packers left tackle Chad Clifton, who pretty much owned him for the entire game. Packers center Scott Wells knocked Harrison down. He got up, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers stepped right into him. Perhaps if Harrison had done more to help the Steelers win, he would have been in better position to evaluate the performance of his teammates.

$0.02: There will be some people, including NFL players, who think Harrison's message -- that the NFL made an example of him last season -- is valid, even if his expression was poorly executed. I side with Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris, who tweeted Wednesday morning: "Man James Harrison is a GOON!"

Carry on.