Santana Moss: Redundant for the Bears?

This week, Chicago Bears receiver/kick returner Devin Hester advocated the pursuit of receiver Santana Moss, a fellow former University of Miami player who will be a free agent when the NFL completes negotiations on its new collective bargaining agreement.

MossMossWednesday, Bears safety Chris Harris jumped aboard the idea as well.

Does it make sense?

On one hand, no. Adding Moss would give the Bears a fourth receiver who measured less than 6-feet tall at their respective scouting combines. Moss was 5-9 1/2 at the time, and as we noted this spring, here are the combine measurements for the Bears' current top receivers:

On the other hand, Moss set a career high last season with 93 receptions for the Washington Redskins and believes he has a number of productive seasons left. Smaller receivers have a long history of success in offensive coordinator Mike Martz's scheme, and the Bears can always rely on tight end Greg Olsen for routes that capitalize on height.

This topic has been bouncing around for years. The Bears still seem scarred by the free agent acquisition of Muhsin Muhammad, which among other things convinced them not to re-sign free agent Bernard Berrian. I really can't tell you how aggressive the Bears will be, if at all, in adding a veteran receiver later this summer.

It would make sense for the Bears to pursue a player who brings a different skill set than their existing players. But Martz has a time-tested route tree that might be better suited for a player of Moss' skills. How's that for fence-sitting?