Hot Read: Ndamukong Suh and some Seger

ESPN.com feature writer Elizabeth Merrill spent some time recently in Detroit and produced Thursday's Hot Read on defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Merrill painted a particularly vivid scene of the postgame celebration after Sunday's 48-3 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, one complete with teary-eyed rocker Bob Seger in the locker room. An excerpt:

Just after 4 o'clock that day, when the final score read 48-3, a football-forlorn city was brimming with hope. A crowd gathered outside the Lions' locker room. Celebrities lingered, long after the boys dumped Gatorade on their defensive coordinator. Something had changed, and Kid Rock and Bob Seger felt it as they stood outside the locker room like the groupies that follow them. The double doors opened, a security guard whisked them in, and 10 minutes later, Seger emerged with an autographed football and what appeared to be a tear streaming down his face.

"We're on our way now!" the aging rocker said.

"It's great, isn't it?"

No, it is never too early to get excited about an undefeated start in Detroit, even after Week 2. Suh stood in the corner of the locker room and quietly dressed into a plaid shirt and jeans, taking some of it in. Then he left, with rap music thumping in the background and the city eagerly waiting for what's next.

As you might recall, Seger helped ignite Lions Fever this spring by dedicating a song to Lions coach Jim Schwartz during a Detroit-area concert and then declaring: "The Lions are going to the playoffs!"