Aaron Rodgers douses latest Favre-troversy

I wasn't expecting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to fire back at Brett Favre. Were you? In the four seasons since he replaced Favre as the Packers' starter, I don't think Rodgers has uttered a single negative word about Favre. (Neutral, yes. Negative? No way.) So why would he start now?

During a radio appearance this week, Favre gave a typically meandering answer to a relatively straightforward question about Rodgers winning the Super Bowl with the Packers last season. It included some portions that could be interpreted as passive-aggressive shots, among them an implication that Rodgers has so much talent around him that he should have won the Super Bowl earlier than 2010.

Here's what Rodgers told Wisconsin reporters Wednesday, via Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee.com: "You know what? I’m just, the only thing I want to say is I’m just really proud of our guys and what our team did last season. It was a great accomplishment. It took all 53 of those guys and obviously it got the attention of a lot of people and we’re proud of the fact that we achieved the ultimate goal as a team."

Asked if he thought Favre's comments were disrespectful, Rodgers said: "You know what? Again, I’m just going to say I was really proud of our team. It takes 53 guys to win a championship. We had the right recipe last year and we’re trying to do that same thing this season."

Story over, as far as I'm concerned.

If you want help deciding what you think about this issue, First Take analysts Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith offer it in the video below.