NFC North QBR update: Week 6

Let's make our weekly comparison between the Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) and passer rating of each NFC North quarterback. In some cases, it can give us a deeper insight into how each quarterback performed. At the bottom of this post is a cumulative comparison of each metric.

Aaron Rodgers

Week 6 passer rating: 119.6

NFL rank: 1

Week 6 QBR: 91.9

NFL rank: 2

Comment: Rodgers received his second-highest QBR of the season even though the Packers went scoreless in the second half. His three touchdown passes in the second quarter established a lead the St. Louis Rams never threatened. If you want to know why the Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan (92.5) finished higher despite a 163-yard day: ESPN analytics reports Ryan received significant credit for two passes into the end zone that resulted in pass interference, giving the Falcons first-and-goal on each occasion. Ryan also completed all three of his third-down passes in the fourth quarter. That's the explanation I received.

Jay Cutler

Week 6 passer rating: 115.9

NFL rank: 2

Week 6 QBR: 91.4

NFL rank: 3

Comment: It was unanimous. Cutler had his best game of the season Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings.

Donovan McNabb

Week 6 passer rating: 97.4

NFL rank: 5

Week 6 QBR: 23.2

NFL rank: 22

Comment: This is one occasion where I think QBR offers a more effective evaluation. Sure, McNabb completed almost 80 percent of his passes and didn't throw an interception. But he took five sacks, and the Vikings didn't score a touchdown until the third quarter of the game. McNabb wasn't effective moving the Vikings into scoring range.

Matthew Stafford

Week 6 passer rating: 86.5

NFL rank: 11

Week 6 QBR: 29.7

NFL rank: 20

Comment: Stafford absorbed a QBR beating, largely because he took five sacks and fumbled once. I thought it was probably Stafford's worst game of the season. Did 19 quarterbacks have a better game than him? I'm not sure about that.