Hit on Cullen Loeffler 'totally uncalled for'

At least one member of the Minnesota Vikings is livid about the hit that appears to have ended the season of long-snapper Cullen Loeffler. Via Twitter, punter Chris Kluwe said the Atlanta Falcons' Kerry Meier "cheapshotted" Loeffler on a legal but "totally uncalled for" hit that caused a fracture in the long-snapper's lower back.

Kluwe: "To the Falcon that cheapshotted Loeffler - I hope someone does the same [expletive] to you and knocks you out for the rest of the year too."

(Here's the link to Kluwe's timeline. Warning: It contains adult language.)

When you watch the replay, you see Meier sprint across the field and catch up to Loeffler, who was covering on a second-quarter punt. As Loeffler turned to chase Falcons returner Eric Weems, Meier flattened him with a legal block to the chest.

At the time, Loeffler was outside of the right hashmark. Weems was outside of the left hashmark, meaning they were about 10 yards away.

"There was no call to do something like that," Kluwe tweeted.

Meier isn't likely to be disciplined for the block. Because he broke no rules that I'm aware of, he shouldn't be. But you hate to see a player suffer a violent injury so far away from the action. The Vikings will have to sign a new long-snapper this week.