Levy-Webb: The face mask that wasn't

Detroit's DeAndre Levy appears to grab Vikings quarterback Joe Webb's face mask on the last play. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Judge for yourself. Here is the photo evidence of a clear face mask penalty that occurred on the final play of the Detroit Lions' 34-28 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy sure seems to have a firm grasp of Vikings quarterback Joe Webb's face mask, an act that by NFL rules should have given the Vikings one untimed down at the Lions' 1-yard line. Mike Pereira, former NFL vice president of officiating, said via Twitter that officials missed the call but noted the play occurred with Webb's back to the official in charge of monitoring the play and that it was "hard to see."

Lions coach Jim Schwartz considered it payback, if anything. The Lions have one of the NFL's highest total of accepted penalties this season.

"All I saw was the ball come out," Schwartz said. "I haven't seen the replay. But don't tell me about getting away with penalties."