DraftWatch: Mel Kiper mock 2.0

Checking in on Mel Kiper's second mock draftInsider of the mock draft season:

3. Minnesota Vikings

Kiper's pick: USC offensive lineman Matt Kalil

Seifert comment: That's assuming the St. Louis Rams don't take Kalil at No. 2, as ESPN analyst Todd McShay has suggested they might. It also presumes the Vikings don't trade the pick to a team hoping to land Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

19. Chicago Bears

Kiper's pick: Ohio State offensive lineman Mike Adams

Seifert comment: In this version, Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd is already off the board. Kiper reasons that the Bears' promotion of offensive line coach Mike Tice to offensive coordinator means they will prioritize the offensive line.

23. Detroit Lions

Kiper's pick: North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins

Seifert comment: This pick would give us plenty to write and talk about here on the blog. Jenkins is an elite-level cornerback whose drug-related departure from Florida last year naturally has raised flags. But there is little doubt he could help the Lions on the field.

28. Green Bay Packers

Kiper's pick: Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith

Seifert comment: The Packers figure to know the future of Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins by the time the draft comes. Smith would make plenty of sense if doctors haven't cleared Collins to return by then.