Hoop Dream: Aaron Rodgers, Miss America

Aaron Rodgers performs his signature move during Monday night's Bucks game in Milwaukee. AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

The MVP and Miss America were in the same building Monday night. Whether that was by coincidence or design will be left to the gossip pages, not a serious football blog that looks down on such trivial matters and instead focuses on matters of far greater import.

But for those who take a little sugar in their coffee, here's the backstory:

As we grudgingly acknowledged in January, Laura Kaeppeler — Kenosha (Wis.) native and reigning Miss Wisconsin — identified herself as a Green Bay Packers fan during the 2012 Miss America pageant. She also encouraged Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to call her.

Rodgers later said he watched the end of the pageant and thus saw Kaeppeler named Miss America.

Monday night, Kaeppeler sung the national anthem before the Milwaukee Bucks' game against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Bradley Center, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Rodgers had courtside seats, did "The Belt" and stayed until the end of the Bucks' 97-93 victory.

I'm sure it was all a coincidence.

Not that I care.

I mean, there's only, like, one week remaining until NFL free agency and LESS THAN TWO MONTHS until the NFL draft and barely SIX MONTHS until the 2012 NFL football season starts! We have way too much to do. Let's leave the celebrity gossip to the gossipers. Grunt.