For the love of God, #FreeStanton

Let's take a moment away from this otherwise light news day to recognize an important development to NFC North blog readers.

It's time to join a Twitter movement. I think Pride of Detroit started it, but I'm not twuent enough to say that for sure. ("Twuent:" Twitter fluent.) Regardless, let's all help out a brother and use the following hashtag the rest of the day:


Sure, the NFL has announced unprecedented discipline against the New Orleans Saints for a three-year bounty program. And yes, the Denver Broncos traded quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

But we have a bigger fish to fry around here, assuming the Tebow trade is finalized and he lands with the Jets.

Just five short days ago, longtime Detroit Lions backup quarterback Drew Stanton signed a one-year contract with the Jets, presumably with a real opportunity to be their No. 2 quarterback. Tebow's arrival would lessen his chances, if not overwhelm the dream altogether.

So let's do it.

Let's #FreeStanton.

Give the man a chance.

Let's hope the Jets agree and let Stanton seek a No. 2 job elsewhere.