ChatWrap: Brandon Marshall's legal status

Tuesday's SportsNation chat included a question that has slipped past many of us in the hustle and bustle of the past six weeks or so. Herewith:

Dennis (MI)

When will Brandon Marshall be in the clear for next season?

Kevin Seifert (2:33 PM)

Good question. We haven't heard a peep from the New York police on his incident last month. You would think charges would have come by now if they were coming, but who knows.

As you recall, a woman accused Marshall of punching her outside a New York City nightclub in the early hours of March 11. Two days later, the Chicago Bears acquired Marshall in an unanticipated trade with the Miami Dolphins. When last we heard, the woman was pursuing criminal charges. Marshall has said he is confident he wouldn't be charged but refused to discuss any details.

A month later, no charges have been filed. Speaking Tuesday on ESPN 1000, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said Marshall will report Monday for the Bears' offseason workout program and added: "I don't think he's going to miss any time." Cutler added: "All that stuff is pending legally. Me and Brandon have talked a little bit about it. It's all going to work out, I'm pretty confident in that."

I don't think Cutler is privy to the plans of the NYPD, but he probably knows more about the situation than we do. So for now and the foreseeable future, Marshall is eligible for all football activities.