Vikings stadium: 'Furious about the veto'

We pointed out earlier Friday that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton rejected a political deal that likely would have netted him votes for the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill if he would sign a tax bill he previously opposed. So it's only fair to note that those who supported the tax bill are already suggesting that Dayton's veto will have consequences on Monday's stadium vote.

Senator Julie Ortman, who is the Deputy Majority leader and the chairman of the Senate Tax Committee, said to reporters: "Why should we help [Dayton] with his priorities if he won't help with our priorities?" And in a written statement, she added: "The Governor has burned what may be the last bridge to working with legislators at the Capitol this year."

We've often leaned on Rep. John Kriesel to provide a rational pulse of the current political atmosphere on this issue. Kriesel is a stadium supporter but also a member of the Republican party whose larger support for the bill is uncertain. Here's what Kriesel tweeted Friday afternoon:

"My prediction is that Gov Dayton's swift veto of the tax bill will severely harm the stadium bills chance of passing. Not good…. I obviously will be voting yes on Monday. There are many legislators that are on the fence that will be furious about the veto. Not good. …The fact is that there are not many legislators that want a stadium but they want tax reforms. Right or wrong, its part of the give and take. … Politics are kind of like a marriage. You want to go out for beers with the guys, you better mow the lawn first. Compromise, you know? I'm not saying that I agree with what's going on or how it's being handled. I'm just trying to give you all a play-by-play."

It's no surprise to hear the rhetoric rising as this issue builds to a climax, and I don't think anyone should draw any conclusions with a full weekend's worth of arm-twisting to come.

Dayton and the Vikings are pushing on with a massive public blitz over the weekend. Dayton has been making the radio rounds Friday, and a rally featuring Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has been scheduled for Saturday afternoon at the Mall of America.

As of now, there remains a vote scheduled in the state House of Representatives on Monday. If the bill passes, it would move on to the Senate floor. Stay tuned.