On Anthony Hargrove's appeals process

You've probably seen reports that Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove was in New York City on Wednesday to appeal his eight-game NFL suspension.

You might also have seen reports that appeal hearings have been scheduled for May 30 for Hargrove and three other players suspended as part of the league's bounty investigation.

To clear up any confusion, let's make clear that the NFL Players Association is pursuing two parallel agendas here. Wednesday's hearing, before independent arbitrator Shyam Das, was to discuss the NFLPA's contention that commissioner Roger Goodell can't discipline players for actions that occurred under the jurisdiction of the previous collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

The May 30 hearing, to be heard by independent arbitrator Stephen Burbank, will center on whether Goodell or an independent arbitrator should hear the eventual appeal.

Most of this is legal gobbedly-gook, but it's important because it could impact whether Hargrove gets back some or all of his suspension and thus be available to the Packers before midseason.