Lions looking at Suh and Fairley at DE

Here's an interesting experiment taking place in the Detroit Lions' training camp: Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham has developed a specialty look that puts defensive tackles Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh on the outside and moves the defensive ends to the inside.

(Hat tip to Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.)

The look can create some confusion and make it more difficult to double-team Suh or whomever else the offense is hoping to neutralize. It also requires defensive tackles who are athletic enough to swing outside, and both Suh and Fairley qualify. Cunningham refers to it as the Lions' "Grey" look, named after the Liam Neeson movie in which six oil workers attempt to survive after a plane crash in Alaska, all while hounded by a pack of wolves.

(I'm guessing Suh and Fairley are the wolves in this analogy, but it wouldn't be the first time I didn't totally follow something Cunningham said.)

"[I]f you watch it you'll know what I mean," Cunningham said. "The wolves kind of trick them. They trick them, and the ending of it is great. That's kind of what we’re doing. … It's really good for the big men. We're very athletic with a couple of them. Suh and Fairley can really run and that excites me."

Next up for Lions movie night: "The Birds." (And remember, the next scream you hear could be your own!)