ESPN The Magazine: Calvin Johnson cover

ESPN The Magazine's NFL preview Patrik Giardino

If there was a common theme during my four stops in CampTour'12, it was how little national attention the NFC North seemed to be receiving.

I was used to camera crews on a Brett Favre stakeout, multiple satellite trucks and lots of media folks who weren't exactly in their elements.

Half-jokingly, I figured everyone in the national media was either hanging with the New York Jets to see quarterback Tim Tebow or with the Denver Broncos to see Peyton Manning.

So we'll score one for our little division. Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson graces ESPN The Magazine's NFL preview. I finally grabbed a copy of the front and have embedded it in this post.

Make sure you read the fine print carefully. It includes this gem: "What? Because we're ESPN you were expecting TEBOW?"

I suppose stranger things have happened. But congratulations to Johnson, whom as we noted in the spring, is hardly a self-promoting superstar.

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