Shaving cream pie for Aaron Rodgers

Embedded in this post is the single most controversial pie-in-the-face stunt in the history of the NFC North blog. Mostly because it's the only pie-in-the-face stunt of note in the history of the NFC North blog.

You see this happen more often in baseball than football. But according to those who were present, Green Bay Packers running back John Kuhn owns the arm that flashed into this Fox 11 video and got quarterback Aaron Rodgers with a towel of shaving cream. Rodgers immediately signals the end of the interview session and heads toward the training room to clean off.

I've already had a Twitter battle with many of you on the significance of this event, or lack thereof. I'm curious why Kuhn did it, and why he targeted Rodgers, but I have no reason to think anything nefarious was involved nor that it signaled any kind of milestone or event that we're not yet aware of. Mostly, the video is entertaining and worth your 30 seconds.

Video: Rodgers gets pie in the face