Let's hear from you 360,000 Packers owners

In most circumstances, the Green Bay Packers' public ownership carries little weight in NFL circles. The Packers' executive committee hires a president/CEO, who acts with the authority of a league owner in most settings.

Here's hoping that on this night, it's different.

More than 360,000 people own a share of Packers stock. If there were ever a time for that group to band together and make a statement to pressure league policy, it's now.

Because let me tell you this: If the Dallas Cowboys were the team that lost Monday night's game to the Seattle Seahawks, you better believe that Jerry Jones would be waiting at the NFL's New York offices for commissioner Roger Goodell to arrive for work Tuesday morning. If it happened to Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins or John Mara of the New York Giants or Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots, there's no doubt they would have called Goodell's batphone by now.

I'm sure Packers president Mark Murphy will address the league in some way. But for regional pride, if nothing else, I would love to see the NFL's offices swarmed by Packers shareholders who live in New York City. And how great would it be if 360,000 or so people jammed the phone lines and had their collective voices heard? Wouldn't it be awesome if local ratings in and around Green Bay plummeted Thursday night, the next time the NFL is shown on TV?

I don't know if it would make a difference. This is an economic issue, one that the NFL hasn't connected with fan and/or media concern to this point. And I'm not sure if the league would find any more gravity in protests from Packers shareholders than it would other fans.

But, for once, I would love to see people test those limits and ceilings. Make sure the NFL knows how you feel -- multiplied by 360,000.