Packers: No crack in Aaron Rodgers' helmet

Earlier Monday, during a discussion of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' condition and performance Sunday at Lambeau Field, we noted the circulation of a theory that his helmet appeared cracked near the end of the game.

Based on a review of NFL Rewind, all I could see was a long, dark semi-circle to the left of the tape that runs down the back of Rodgers' helmet. A Packers spokesman, however, said a few minutes ago that it was not a crack but instead part of the overall decal on every Packers helmet. Viewed from the right side, a similar edge to the decal would appear opposite of what we saw on the CBS broadcast.

I still think Rodgers appeared and played subdued after a second-quarter sack, but let's be realistic. In today's era of concussion prevention and awareness, it would be quite an indictment of both Rodgers and the Packers if he actually played more than half of a game with a cracked helmet.