HarvinWatch: Hoping to practice Friday?

Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin was on crutches Monday, telling reporters he was a long shot to play Sunday against the Detroit Lions because of a sprained ankle. By Wednesday, coach Leslie Frazier was expressing optimism to reporters in both Minnesota and Detroit that Harvin has made enough progress to be in the conversation for practice on Friday and playing Sunday.

Harvin didn't practice Wednesday and won't on Thursday, either. But Frazier said: "We're hoping by the end of the week we'll get him out and be able to move him around a little bit."

Frazier isn't prone to much gamesmanship when it comes to injuries, so it's probably safe to assume Harvin has made some progress over the past few days. But don't forget how much of his game relies on change of direction in the open field. That would be a particularly tough task with a tender ankle. We'll see what, if anything, changes by Friday.