Tim Jennings amid all pass defenders

My AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky came up with a worthwhile analysis of how players from various positions can disrupt the passing game. (Actually, ESPN Stats & Information did the heavy lifting, but I didn't want Kuharsky to feel bad. He's a little sensitive given the NFC North's 8-5 record against the AFC South this season.)

The analysis considers sacks, passes defensed and interceptions relative to dropbacks. Not surprisingly, Kuharsky's buddy J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans ranks as the NFL's top pass disruptor (6.02 percent). Next up, however, is Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings, who has disrupted 4.18 percent of the dropbacks he has faced.

It's no secret that Jennings has had an All-Pro season, but this chart broadens out the scope of the evaluation. We're not just comparing him to other defensive backs but to all defensive players.