NFC playoff standings* through Week 15

For one week, at least, only one team's playoff standing is being directly impacted by the Week 3 "Fail Mary" game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

The chart shows our weekly look at how the NFC playoff race would stack up if the Seahawks' final play in that game had been ruled an interception rather than a touchdown. The only difference between the playoff standings* and the actual playoff standings is the Packers' positioning. Had they defeated the Seahawks instead of losing, they would be in position to claim a first-round bye in the playoffs.

As it stands now, the Packers are the third seed and would host the No. 6 wild-card team on the first weekend of the playoffs. The Seahawks, meanwhile, would hold the No. 5 seed whether or not they had won in Week 3.

Despite what you might think, I'm not rooting for the "Fail Mary" to impact any teams' playoff positioning. I hope this post is moot by the end of Week 17. That would be a fortunate break for all involved.