Packers-Vikings III: Limiting alcohol (?!)

Because I'm sure all of you make a daily habit of watching "Wonder Pets," as I do, I'm going to acknowledge I just said out loud: "This … is … serious."

Is there any other way to react to the news that the Green Bay Packers have moved up last call at Lambeau Field for Saturday night's wild-card playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings? Alcohol sales will cease at the beginning of the third quarter instead of the end.

The Packers' website attributed the decision to "the game's unique circumstances: Saturday night, playoffs and a division rival."

Up next: The Apocalypse.

In all seriousness, I shouldn't be too sarcastic about drinking at Lambeau during a Vikings-Packers game. A total of 15 people were ejected from the teams' Week 13 meeting, which kicked off at noon local time, and two were arrested. According to WBAY, a dozen fights broke out in the stadium district after the game. One man was hospitalized.

We won't keep our heads in the sand. Lots of people are going to be drinking Saturday night. Hopefully they limit their arguments to words and leave the stadium closer to sober than they would have been with the regular cutoff time.