Titus Young sinks further into the abyss

If half of the reports this season about receiver Titus Young were true, it's hard to understand why he is still on the Detroit Lions' roster. But if the Lions didn't cut him after he intentionally lined up wrong to improve his chance of getting the ball, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, it's hard to know what could finally compel the team to cut ties.

Will it be a bizarre set of tweets Young has sent from his verified Twitter account over the past 12 hours? I don't know. What is clear, however, is that Young is nowhere close to the mindset that would generate interest from another team in a trade or even a waiver pickup, much less inspire the Lions to bring him back in 2013.

It isn't clear what some of Young's tweets were referring to, most notably: " My first year I played football I was the best … It's true I could be a lot better, But wit the football My first year I was a captain Lol."

Was Young referring to his rookie year in 2011, when teammate Calvin Johnson caught 16 touchdown passes? I'm not sure. But there is no mistaking the meaning of this tweet: "To Be the best you gotta Beat the best #Me" or these:

"Like I said I never been selfish but if I'm not going to get the football i don't want to play anymore"

"Never have I ran the wrong route, just put my self where the ball was going."

So in summary, Young suggested he is "the best" and that he has "never been selfish," but implied he will retire if he isn't thrown the ball more often. He said he didn't run the "wrong route," but that of course doesn't address the accusation that he lined up in another player's position.

I realize Twitter is an instant glimpse into a moment of thought (or lack thereof), and shouldn't necessarily be considered canon of one's true beliefs. But for those of you who have been looking for updates on Young's situation, well, there you go.