So far, Bears silent on Brian Urlacher

We discussed last week the Chicago Bears' Big Decision on linebacker Brian Urlacher, who is coming off an injury-shortened season, will turn 35 in May and is a pending free agent. Is this the year the Bears part ways with one of the truly iconic players in franchise history?

A month into the Bears' offseason, we don't know yet.

The day he was hired, new Bears coach Marc Trestman took a noticeably neutral stance in addressing Urlacher's future. Tuesday, Urlacher told ESPN 1000 that he has yet to speak with Trestman or anyone else in a decision-making role with the Bears.

"The Bears have been busy," Uralcher said. "They have more important things to take care of right now. I'll let that fall into place and see what happens."

Urlacher made clear he wants to continue playing and acknowledged that his next contract, if the Bears offer one, won't be nearly as lucrative as the one that just expired. I imagine he'll make it as easy on the Bears as he can, considering his professed disinterest in finishing his career elsewhere. In truth, with free agency more than six weeks away, the Bears have no urgent deadline to address the issue.

Still, Emery and Trestman should know everything they need to about Urlacher by now. There are no secrets about his physical condition or performance last season. Now is the time, presumably, for them to investigate and discuss alternatives before making a final decision.

An answer will come relatively soon, but it's neither alarming nor surprising that Urlacher doesn't have a deal yet.