Randy Moss and Matt Birk move on

NFC West colleague Mike Sando is an avid reader of the NFC North blog, and so naturally he noticed last week's post on two 1998 Minnesota Vikings draft picks -- receiver Randy Moss and center Matt Birk -- who will appear for opposite teams in Super Bwl XLVII.

Sando spent time Tuesday with Moss during the San Francisco 49ers' turn at media day and with Birk once the Baltimore Ravens took the stage. Their personal differences hit their apex eight years ago, and so it's not surprising that both appear to have moved on.

"I don't really want to get into that," Moss said. "Matt Birk is his own player. He does what he does. I'm my own player. I do what I do. I don't know where he stands but me and Matt Birk came in [to the league] together. I still have respect for him as a player and I'm glad to see he's here playing in his first Super Bowl."

Many 49ers players have lauded Moss for his leadership this season, a topic Sando asked Birk about given their histories.

"Randy had a couple incidents that were public when I was with him in Minnesota," Birk said. "But behind the scenes, in the locker room, he was a great teammate. He was a lot of fun. He worked extremely hard. He was a great competitor and he performed at a very high level. All those things make for a good leader. I'm sure that being his teammate you have a different perspective than the public on the outside. Most of our time together, it was pretty good."

So there you go….