'We have no intent to trade Percy Harvin'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Repeat after me.

"We have no intent to trade Percy Harvin."

"We have no intent to trade Percy Harvin."

"We have no intent to trade Percy Harvin."

I lost track of how many times I heard Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman utter those seven words during a round of interviews Thursday at the NFL scouting combine. Asked every way imaginable about Harvin's availability, or lack thereof, Spielman without fail followed the same script: He laughed, dropped into an intentionally robotic voice and said the same seven words each time.

Ostensibly, Spielman was mocking reporters for trying to ask the same question in different ways. But "no intent" is not the same as "no way," and so it was clear once again that Spielman won't rule out the possibility of trading one of the NFL's top playmakers. We've discussed the incongruity of Harvin's value and what he likely would generate in a trade, but that hasn't stopped Spielman from at least tossing some bait into the trade waters.

Half jokingly, I asked Spielman how many offers for Harvin he has received at the combine. He quickly responded "none" and said that "nobody has asked me about it except reporters." I'll file that one under gamesmanship and move on.

Will the Vikings trade Harvin? I really don't know, and I don't think they do, either. Is it possible they will trade him? Absolutely, positively, 100 percent. And as long as the possibility exists, we'll continue to follow the story as closely as possible. Harvin is too good of a player to look at it any other way.