Vikings uniform sleuths find more clues

PHOENIX -- Good morning from the beautiful, warm and sunny Southwest, where the NFL owners meeting will be held this week. (I got in without a hitch Saturday night. Thanks for asking.) Before heading over to the site, I wanted to pass along some additional clues that suggest it wouldn't be a stunner if the Minnesota Vikings change their uniform style in some way for the 2013 season.

We first discussed the possibility last month after a number of you brought to my attention rampant message-board discussion and other indicators of percolating speculation. I received no response from team officials on the topic, but a few days later, the team announced a re-design of its traditional Norseman logo.

Saturday, Twitter follower @roypowell noted two irregularities from a link the Vikings tweeted out shortly after signing free-agent receiver Greg Jennings. The tweet announced Jennings would wear No. 15 and that his jersey was available for purchase, but it included only a tight shot of Jennings' number and name. It did not display the entire jersey, as you see for other players whose jerseys are available.

Also, the fine print notes that Jennings' jersey is available for pre-order only and that the item will begin shipping in late April.

Often, NFL teams announce uniform changes in the time leading up to the draft, which this year opens on April 25. The Vikings followed that practice in 2006, the last time they made a major uniform change; it allows for national and local photo opportunities with draft picks holding the new design.

To be clear, I've gotten no confirmation, on the record or off, that the Vikings will have new uniforms this season. Team officials have not responded to my questions about it, but that doesn't count as a confirmation, a denial or even a "no comment." It could mean that the powers-that-be have more important things to do than reply to your lowly NFC North blogger.

If no changes were planned, it would make sense for the Vikings to make that clear and avoid any interruption in sales. On the other hand, as we discussed last month, the team has an economic incentive to keep quiet to clear the soon-to-be-outdated inventory.

I'll put this question on my list of topics for this owners meeting. We'll see where it gets me.