Combined cap hits for Rodgers, Matthews

So while we have a moment, let's close the loop on a discussion we've been meandering through for years. What is the Green Bay Packers' annual costs for retaining quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews for the majority (if not entirety) of their careers?

The chart provides the details in cap terms. Rodgers and Matthews will account for 15.2 percent of this year's $123 million cap allotment. It's difficult to project future percentages without knowing the team-by-team cap number for those years, but it's worth noting that the highest combined year for the pair is in 2017 at $35.85 million.

Relatively speaking, that's a reasonable sum for two elite players. For context, consider that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is scheduled to count $31.5 million against the 2017 cap on his own.