Vikings: On Jeff George as a 'guest coach'

My view of Jeff George's career is admittedly skewed by its duration, but in the one season I covered him, George was a good citizen and a highly productive quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in 1999. I can't stamp out the stories that preceded and postdated his time with the Vikings, but I guess I'm not feeling the cyber-snickering that's erupted since the team acknowledged George is spending some time as a guest coach this spring.

Such arrangements are relatively common and are often done as a favor to the former player/aspiring coach rather than with the intent of providing additional tutoring to the new players. So no, the Vikings almost certainly didn't seek out George to help develop Christian Ponder.

(If they had, of course, we should remember that Jeff George was a much, much better NFL quarterback than Ponder has been to this point in his career.)

Ponder told reporters that he hasn't spoken too much with George, which fits perfectly in line with what a guest coach should do: Listen, observe and make an occasional suggestion. If they had spent the entire week together locked in the film room, I would worry about what that meant for quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.

Here's hoping that George can find the fulfillment in a coaching career that he didn't achieve as a player.