Colin Kaepernick's gift to the Packers

Here's a development to pack away for Week 1 of the NFL regular season.

We already know that the Green Bay Packers used "579" as their offseason mantra, reminding themselves every day how many yards they allowed in a 45-31 divisional playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers in January. Now, the quarterback who engineered that outburst is offering an unflattering portrayal of the Packers' defensive meltdown.

Speaking to Peter King of TheMMQB.com, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said he heard Packers players appearing angry with each other.

Kaepernick: "It got to a point where we could hear [the Packers’ defenders] arguing while we were in our huddle. 'You’re supposed to do this,' or 'You have to do this, then the other.' At that point, our offense was like, it’s over. As soon as you start turning on your teammates, you're not going to be productive. You know you have them in the palm of your hands."

There is no doubt the Packers' defense was physically dysfunctional. Kaepernick set an NFL record by rushing for 181 yards, gaining all but 3 of them before first contact from a Packers defenders. The 49ers' 579 yards was the fourth highest for a playoff game in NFL history.

Anger and frustration would have been completely justified, but Kaepernick's suggestion implies a level of infighting that reflects poorly on the team. I'm guessing someone in Green Bay will find a way to bring it up before the Packers' Sept. 8 return to Candlestick Park.