Audio: Trestman on Cutler's aggression

Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman's appearance Thursday on ESPN 1000 was notable for a comparison made by host John "Jurko" Jurkovich. Would Trestman try to replicate Mike Holmgren's work with Brett Favre when both were with the Green Bay Packers? Specifically, would Trestman work to break Cutler of the same gunslinging habits that Favre toned down under Holmgren?

I thought Trestman handled the question well, knowing that he and Cutler are still going through an introductory phrase.

"It's a challenge perceptively as people have seen Jay," Trestman said, "but I don't think it's an issue with how we're working now. And I don't want to take that out of him, either, that ability and that thought process that I can make this thing happen right now. We've just got to use good judgment. … and I think Jay is really willing to do that."

To be fair, Cutler was already moving in the right direction before Trestman took over. His interception percentage of 4.2 over his first two seasons with the Bears dropped to 2.8 during his most recent two seasons. Trestman doesn't have the type of personality to march in and start demanding fundamental changes, but the truth is that Cutler didn't need that, either.

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