BBAO: The journey back to Green Bay

We're Black and Blue All Over:

As we navigate another summer of drama regarding a former Green Bay Packers player now in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, it's worth noting that in most cases, time heals all (or most) wounds.

Look no further than place-kicker Ryan Longwell, who retired Tuesday as a member of the Packers -- eight years after signing with the Vikings with some admittedly hard feelings. Longwell told reporters in Green Bay: "I know a lot of us have migrated that way, and most of us migrate back."

Quarterback Brett Favre will one day do the same, and Longwell believes that even receiver Greg Jennings will eventually be a member in good standing of the Packers family.

"Everything takes time," Longwell said, "and everything will happen. I have no doubt that Greg is loved here and will be loved here eventually, and Brett, I think that thing is pretty close. I think they’re in a good spot, everybody, and I think time heals everything and everything will be made right when the time is right."

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