BE: Could QB Blanchard be next man out?

First off, shoutouts to all the good folks that sent in emails and tweets suggesting a name for our new feature that, every morning, will take a quick trip through the most pertinent Chicago Bears headlines.

After spending the day reading all the emails and tweets, I decided on Bear Essentials as the name of this feature. Why? Because it’s so simple, and I sort of dig the brevity of the acronym BE. While I know Bear Essentials might sound like a shampoo, lotion or other cosmetic, hey, we're all about cleanliness and grooming. So thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. Let's also give props to the Packers fan that sent an email wanting the feature to be called Bear Droppings. That was kind of funny.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

-- Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune examines the possibility of the Bears parting ways with quarterback Matt Blanchard by the NFL’s 3 p.m. deadline to cut the roster down to 75 players. With the current roster sitting at 76, it’s a definite possibility given that the broken knuckle on Blanchard’s left hand is expected to keep him out approximately a month. So the Bears might look to clear the quarterback’s spot by giving him an injury settlement.

If Blanchard takes an injury settlement, he won’t be able to come back to the team until after Week 10, which Biggs points out could also create the possibility of the quarterback signing with another team after he regains health and the time frame (which is commensurate to the time he’s expected to miss) for the settlement has passed.

For Blanchard to have stuck around as long as he has, the coaching staff and personnel department definitely sees something worth developing. Given Blanchard’s likely recovery timeframe, he could possibly be healthy enough to return by Week 3. And I’m not convinced the team has seen enough from new signees Jordan Palmer, who will start Thursday night, and Trent Edwards to give up so soon on Blanchard.

Going back to my former life covering a different NFL team, I remember a head coach telling me that once a player took an injury settlement, “he could never play for me again.” Hopefully this isn’t the case with Blanchard and the Bears. We’ll see soon enough though.

-- Adam Jahns of the Sun-Times takes a look at Marc Trestman’s staff of head coaches in waiting.

-- Tom Musick of Shaw Media relieves the baseball past of Bears rookie Kyle Long. Man, it’s hard to imagine a dude as big as Long hurling a fastball at you.

-- Rick Morrissey has an interesting take on former Bear Brian Urlacher’s new career in the media. For the record, Urlacher was pretty decent to me during our interactions. In fact, during one our first conversations, he sat down with me for about 20 minutes for an interview for a story on his return from a pretty significant wrist injury suffered in 2009. Then, we spent the other 20 minutes or so getting to know one another, and this was right in the midst of training camp in 2010. Urlacher seemed thoughtful, funny and engaging, not to mention genuinely interested in the conversation (which wasn’t about football) at hand.

Once Urlacher would get in front of a large group of reporters, though, everything would change. I don’t think Urlacher truly disliked all of the media. He seemed to like some more than others, sure. I just don’t think he was ever comfortable speaking in those big news conference settings.

That’s true of lots of players around the NFL.