Don't get your hopes up for Rodgers yet

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- For about a minute on Tuesday, quarterback Aaron Rodgers probably had Green Bay Packers fans excited when he said on his weekly radio show that he had not given up hope that he could return from his broken collarbone to play on Sunday against the New York Giants.

In that moment, it was easy to forget that coach Mike McCarthy had already named Scott Tolzien as the Week 11 starter.

“I would like to be back this week,” Rodgers said on ESPN540 Milwaukee. “Now, whether that’s realistic or not remains to be seen. I would never rule myself out on a Tuesday. Now, Mike probably already has, I think.”

Then, of course, reality set in when it became clear that was just the competitor in Rodgers coming out.

“I haven’t given up hope on playing any week,” said Rodgers, who was injured on Nov. 4 against the Chicago Bears. “It depends on how I heal and depends on what the X-ray looks like. Obviously, this week is probably not going to happen -- not going to happen, probably not going to happen.”

Not only is it all but certain Rodgers would be ruled out against the Giants, but he’s unlikely to play in the following game, on Nov. 24 against the Minnesota Vikings. At minimum, he was expected to miss three weeks.

“I think I’m going to know when I’m ready to play, and I’m going to play,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he finally is able to get dressed and sleep without pain.

Also on his show, Rodgers all but confirmed the Packers likely are done with backup quarterback Seneca Wallace, who started Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles but sustained a groin injury on the first series and gave way to Tolzien. The Packers likely will either release Wallace or place him on injured reserve to make room for Matt Flynn, who is expected to be Tolzien’s backup this week.

“I really enjoyed my time with Seneca,” Rodgers said. “He was a pro’s pro. Learned a lot from being around him and just enjoyed his perspective on life and football, and we’ll miss him.”

As for Tolzien, Rodgers said he was impressed by his performance against the Eagles.

“I’m very proud of Scott Tolzien,” Rodgers said. “He took six reps, I think, this last week in practice; two in the screen period and four on Friday. We did spend a lot of time Wednesday and Thursday after practice going through some scripts so he could hear it and call it and see it, and the receivers stayed after, which was great, some of them, the young guys especially.

“To go in there and make the plays that he made, obviously he’d want maybe a couple of those throws back, but he did some great things out there. … I think he has a bright future. I’ve just been impressed with his demeanor and his approach since he got here, and I think he’s going to have a good week.”