Capers could be mulling defensive changes

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Two years ago, the Green Bay Packers started the season with veteran Jarrett Bush as their right cornerback. After an uneven performance in the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers, he was benched in favor of Sam Shields.

Could veteran linebacker Brad Jones meet the same fate after struggling in Thursday’s opener against the Seattle Seahawks?

Or could other defensive adjustments be in the plans after just one week?

If there's a lineup change in the works -- something defensive coordinator Dom Capers would not rule out on Monday -- then it might be at the inside linebacker position, where Jones' poor performance -- especially against the Seahawks' running game -- hampered the Packers’ defense in their 36-16 loss.

With another rush-heavy team, the New York Jets (who rushed for 212 yards to lead all 28 teams who have played so far in Week 1) next up on the Packers' schedule, perhaps it's at Jones' spot where the Packers might look to shake things up a la 2012.

"Tomorrow, we'll come back and look at it, and as we get ready each week as we game plan, we go through and look at personnel and how can we get our best people on the field and pick up and move forward," Capers said Monday. "Because I told the guys in the meeting today, that's what this game is all about."

Jones was listed as probable last week because of the thigh injury that kept him out for the preseason finale. He was one of the Packers’ players most culpable for their tackling problem.

Third-year pro Jamari Lattimore is waiting in the wings for an opportunity and could get the call if the Packers decide to reduce Jones’ role. Jones played all 70 snaps against the Seahawks. That meant he was the lone inside linebacker in the dime defense, a role A.J. Hawk has played in the past. Lattimore filled in for Jones while he was injured late in the preseason.

However, it's possible the only thing that will change this week against the Jets is what defensive packages Capers uses. After unveiling a 4-3 look against the Seahawks, Capers admitted his plan to use more personnel groupings but fewer schemes did not go as expected because of difficulty deciphering what the Seahawks were doing pre-snap. He could be streamlining that this week.

"There were two or three times that they affected us because they were guys holding around the huddle out there, so the 12 guys, and it made me late getting the call on the field because I was trying to match the personnel up," Capers said. "We had a number of different personnel groups. Because we were late, there were two or three calls there, so we went into halftime and adjusted and played one personnel group a little bit more consistently in the second half than we did in the first half."

It was a factor, for example, on Marshawn Lynch's 9-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, when the Packers had only 10 defenders on the field.

"I think that the coaches, they're trying to take the responsibility," Packers safety Micah Hyde said. "But I feel like as a player it's definitely on us to go out there and compete against the other team no matter what personnel they're in, no matter what defense we're in."