Was Jim Caldwell an aggressive coach in 2014?

There were times last season when Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell appeared to be aggressive. Those moments, though, didn't feel like they came around that often.

The website Football Outsiders, though, has a different opinion based on data. The site called Caldwell the third-most aggressive coach in the league in their Aggressiveness Index, including going for it on fourth down at a higher percentage than anyone else in the NFL.

Out of 107 fourth-down opportunities, according to the site, Caldwell went for it 14 times at a clip of 13.1 percent -- a rate just higher than former Chicago head coach Marc Trestman and Caldwell's old boss, Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh.

Here are the situations Caldwell went for it on fourth down throughout the 2014 season, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Football Outsiders, in their calculations, took out chances where the Lions were trying to rally from behind late in games.

We won't. We'll look at every fourth down go-for-it decision Caldwell made.

In the first month of the season, Caldwell went for it on fourth down twice, both against Carolina in the fourth quarter. The Lions converted a fourth-and-4 and then failed to convert a fourth-and-7.

The Lions went for it again twice against Minnesota in Week 6 -- a converted fourth-and-1 in the third quarter and a stuffed fourth-and-5 in the fourth quarter with a little over two minutes left.

Detroit then went for it three times against Miami, twice on fake punts in the first quarter with Sam Martin and another in the third quarter on a fourth-and-6. This was maybe Caldwell's most aggressive game of the year. He converted one of the fake punts and the other fourth-down attempt.

Caldwell went for it once the following week against Arizona, an incomplete pass in the fourth quarter.

Down for most of the game against New England in Week 12, the Lions went for it three times in the fourth quarter, converting two of the chances.

Against Chicago in Week 13, the Lions went for it on fourth down twice, converting one for a Joique Bell touchdown and missing on another.

The following week against Tampa Bay, the Lions went for it twice on fourth down. They failed both times -- including being stuffed on a Bell run on fourth-and-1.

Detroit was very successful in Week 16 against Chicago on fourth downs, converting both of its chances with Matthew Stafford completions. The following week against the Packers, the Lions missed on two of their three fourth-down attempts -- the last coming with 8:45 left in the game. Two were incomplete passes by Stafford and the other was a successful run by Stafford.

In the playoffs against Dallas, the Lions went for it only once, the final offensive play of the season when Stafford was sacked for an 11-yard loss late in the fourth quarter.

So in all, the Lions went for it on fourth down 21 times in 2014, converting 10 of those chances. The Lions gained 108 yards on those attempts -- third most in the NFL behind San Francisco and Buffalo. Detroit completed 9 of 12 passes on fourth down for an average of 8.58 yards per attempt and did not throw a touchdown or an interception. The Lions averaged two yards per rush on fourth downs.