DeAndre Levy's latest offseason adventures included Chile and Easter Island

DETROIT -- DeAndre Levy might have gotten the most attention for his wing-walk in Washington state this offseason, but his one day in March was merely part of a broader offseason travel plan for the Detroit Lions linebacker.

The 28-year-old Milwaukee native has spent the past few years eschewing traditional vacation plans in favor of wild adventures across the world.

This offseason, he had a particular goal in mind. He went to South America and then the middle of the Pacific Ocean, hitting up the desert in northern Chile and zipping over to Easter Island in the middle of the South Pacific. It led him to slide down a volcano, camp in a rainforest and eat cuisine he would never find in the United States.

This year’s cuisine was llama, which he described as “dry and lean and not a lot of flavor, but [Chileans] do it pretty well, actually.” In years past, Levy has told tales of eating frogs, piranhas and rats.

“I wanted to see the statues, the Moai and Ahu,” Levy said. “And then the history of the island is ridiculous. It’s incredible. To see some of that stuff first hand was something I always wanted to do.”

Rapa Nui Experiencing the historical and archaeological presence of this place was unforgettable.

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Moai on Rano Raraku

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Rano Raraku

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Levy estimates he’s traveled to eight or nine countries the past few years, occasionally documenting his journeys on his Instagram account.

This offseason might have been his most rewarding. The trip to Easter Island was important to him. He said Chile was “probably the most beautiful place I’ve been” and his wing-walking was one of the most thrilling things he’s ever done -- at least until he figures out his next adventure, one he hasn’t necessarily planned yet.

One thing is for certain -- as long as Levy is able, he won’t be taking what is viewed as the ideal relaxing vacation. That’s just not his style.

“People think sitting by a pool is fun,” Levy said. “That’s not fun to me.”

Nope, DeAndre Levy, world traveler, would prefer to be hiking through the Amazon instead.