Legal troubles behind him, Bears CB Tim Jennings says more nickel makes sense

BOURBONNIAS, Ill. – Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings said Friday that he does not expect to face any further repercussions from his offseason legal troubles in Georgia.

“Nah, it shouldn’t [carry over into the season] at all,” Jennings said. “We got everything resolved, so we kind of want to move forward.”

Jennings, who head coach John Fox excused from practice on Thursday for personal reasons, described his relationship with the organization as fine.

“It smoothed over just fine,” Jennings said. “I made them aware of what was going on. It went well. It went fine. We got everything resolved and we’re going to move forward.”

The two-time Pro Bowl cornerback recently entered a guilty plea for reckless driving and speeding that allowed for the dismissal of a DUI charge stemming from his arrest in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on Jan. 7, a spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Solicitor’s Office said.

Jennings will not face jail time, but the sentence for the reckless driving charge is 12 months of probation, a fine of $800 and court costs. Jennings’ punishment also includes 40 hours of community service and mandatory attendance in risk-reduction classes.

He could still face disciplinary action by the NFL.

Jennings, 31, is looking to bounce back this year after he finished the 2014 season without an interception. The Bears signed Jennings to a four-year, $22.4 million extension in January 2014 that guaranteed him $11.8 million.

Based on what he observed in the offseason program, Jennings anticipates an expanded role in 2015 that might include playing nickelback when the defense brings in an extra defensive back.

Jennings said he is open to the idea of covering the slot receiver.

“With the defense we’ll be running now, it [nickelback] fits well to what I’m trying to do, what they’ll want me to do,” Jennings said. “I played a little bit [of nickel] last year, but I’m looking forward to playing more this year.”