Six 'events' between Childress and Favre

Minnesota coach Brad Childress admitted Monday that he considered replacing quarterback Brett Favre in the third quarter of a 1-point game Sunday at Carolina, attributing it to a “stream of consciousness” thought he never intended to put into practice. But given an opportunity to address other instances where he considered benching Favre for performance or punitive reasons, Childress declined.

“Now we’re going deep,” Childress said. “I’m going to let you guys go deep with however you want.”

It appears that reporters around the country have taken Childress up on that offer. In the past 24 hours, detailed accounts have surfaced of at least six separate incidents between Childress and Favre this season.

The reports indicate Childress communicated plans to bench Favre in four games this season. The pair reportedly have also had two heated, private confrontations.

Let’s take a stab at establishing a timeline of these events, with links to the reports I’ve found so far.

1. Date: Oct. 5

Summary: Leading Green Bay by 10 points late in the fourth quarter, Favre audibled from a run to a pass. A deep throw to receiver Bernard Berrian fell incomplete, stopping the clock and incensing Childress. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell talked Childress out of pulling Favre from the game.

Full story: ESPN.com

2. Date: Between Oct. 6 and Oct. 10.

Summary: Favre confronted Childress about the incident in his office.

Full story: ESPN.com

3. Date: Nov. 1

Summary: Favre changed a third-down run play into a pass at Green Bay, throwing a 16-yard touchdown to Berrian. Childress again has to be talked out of pulling Favre from the game.

Full story: ESPN’s Adam Schefter

4. Date: Nov. 15

Summary: Childress was unhappy with Favre’s play in a 27-10 defeat of Detroit and wanted to replace him with backup Tarvaris Jackson.

Full story: Star Tribune

5. Date: Dec. 20

Summary: Childress approached Favre about removing him from a 7-6 game in the third quarter. Favre refused and Childress left him in the game.

Full story: ESPN.com

6. Date: Dec. 20

Summary: Childress directs a private, profanity-laced response toward Favre after the game in the Vikings’ locker room.

Full story: St. Paul Pioneer Press

It’s a good thing that Minnesota’s next game will be a lightly viewed, largely invisible matchup at Chicago.

Oh, wait. It’s on ESPN’s "Monday Night Football." Here we goooooooooooooooooooooo!