Focused Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky quits social media

Mitchell Trubisky last posted to social media on July 2, saying he has gone " Zero Dark 10" as a way of tuning out the noise. Quinn Harris/Icon Sportswire

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- The Chicago Bears have installed a brand new offense and made significant personnel upgrades this offseason, including signing receiver Allen Robinson to be quarterback Mitchell Trubisky's top target. The changes have many in the league believing Trubisky could make the same jump in Year 2 that Jared Goff made with the Los Angeles Rams or Carson Wentz made with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Just don't tell that to Trubisky.

"I'm tired of it all, all the doubts, all the comparisons," Trubisky said on Thursday, on the eve of Chicago's training camp. "I'm ready for camp to start."

So how is the quarterback going to tune out the noise? The 23-year-old installed his own game plan over the summer: Trubisky quit social media. "I went Zero Dark 10," he said -- the 10 a reference to his jersey number.

Trubisky last posted to social media on Twitter and Instagram on July 2.

"Me and [offensive lineman] Kyle Long have kind of agreed to that," Trubisky said. "Just block it out to be myself and realize I've got a great opportunity. I'm trying to put all my focus and energy into this game and what I've got to do. Whatever anybody else says on the outside, whether it be positive or negative or hype or just trying to tear me down, it really doesn't matter to me. I know who I am. I know what player I can be. And I know my role on this team."

That role is as a leader. According to new coach Matt Nagy -- who has already spent time with the quarterback, installing some of the same offensive concepts he used during his stint with the Kansas City Chiefs -- Trubisky is adapting to the new role just fine.

"He's very focused, very driven," Nagy said. "Those are generic terms, but the kid genuinely cares about the game of football and his position. He wants to be the greatest teammate on this team, and he knows if he does that, he'll make the guys around him better."

Trubisky had a tough rookie season with a Bears team that went 5-11. He ranked tied for 32nd in total touchdown passes (7) and his QBR was only better than Trevor Siemian.

Everything in 2018, though, is a blank page. "You can just see what a big step from the end of OTAs until [he was] out here with some of the rookies, just playing fast, not thinking," Nagy said. "Calling plays now is easy. That will get a little more challenging as we go in camp. We were Level 101 early on; we're slowly getting to [Level] 202 with him, and it's just going to continue to grow."

As for the social media? Well, Trubisky has held up his end of the bargain. He encouraged reporters to check in on Long's anti-social media commitment -- after all, how would Trubisky have any way of knowing?