FavreWatch: Doubling back on legacy

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Brett Favre is two years ahead of the oldest quarterback ever to start a Super Bowl. He’s played so long, in fact, that he joked Wednesday about proving himself to a new generation of fans who don’t remember that he started and won the Super Bowl 13 years ago while playing for Green Bay.

“People forget that I actually had success,” Favre said, “that I had been in the Super Bowl, and I have to remind them of that sometimes. ‘Hey, I played in the Super Bowl.’ ‘Really?’ I’ve played so long that I have to kind of re-justify that I actually was a pretty good player at one time. I played in the big game before. I actually was fortunate enough to win one.”

If Minnesota defeats New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game, Favre would surpass John Elway (38) as the oldest quarterback ever to start a Super Bowl. Doing so would accomplish one of Favre’s essential goals in signing with the Vikings last summer, but he is already taking steps to squash one potential Miami storyline: That advancing to and winning the Super Bowl would redeem or otherwise put a crowning achievement on his career.

“People may think that I’m pulling their leg,” he said. “But I really don’t feel like there’s anything left to prove.”

ESPN.com's John Clayton, for one, suggested this week that Favre would enhance his legacy with a victory Sunday. Check out his piece here.