Visual proof of Favre's injuries

MIAMI -- As you recall, Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre was pretty beat up after the NFC Championship Game. How beat up? Check out the photographs on Rick Cleveland’s blog at the Clarion (Miss.) Ledger.

You’ll see some pretty grotesque pictures of Favre’s ankle and hamstring. According to Cleveland, the pictures were taken the day after the game and were e-mailed by Favre’s agent, Bus Cook.

New Orleans was called twice for roughness penalties on Favre and the NFL later said it should have been three.

I don’t know when the hamstring injury occurred, but the ankle was sprained when New Orleans defensive end Bobby McCray yanked his ankle from behind. The league said McCray should have been penalized for the play; he was later fined $20,000.

Regardless, I'd say both injuries should be healed up by, oh, sometime in mid-August.