RG3 gets Vikings off the hook

INDIANAPOLIS -- We don't yet have the official times on Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III's 40-yard dash. But unless they vary wildly from the unofficial times he just posted, I think the Minnesota Vikings are -- in a perverse way -- in the clear.

If there were any doubt before, it's now almost impossible to imagine Griffin being available to the Vikings at No. 3 overall in the NFL draft. His unofficial times of 4.38 and 4.41 in Sunday morning's workout solidified his status as the second-most popular player in this draft after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

For better or worse, the Vikings almost certainly won't face the wrenching decision on whether to draft Griffin a year after selecting quarterback Christian Ponder. You would have to assume that either the St. Louis Rams, or a team that trades up to the No. 2 pick, will draft him instead.

Without question, the Vikings would be in a better spot if Griffin were available at No. 3. But that's now a matter of fantasy, not reality. For posterity's sake, at least, the Vikings won't have the chance to be the team that passed on a rare talent because of needs elsewhere. Now, the Vikings should be able to draft USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil with a clear conscience.

That's my quick take. Carry on with your Sunday morning.