Clayton not high on Saints' offseason

Our John Clayton lists the New Orleans Saints as one of five teams that have had the worst offseason.

I’m not going to disagree with that and it’s not just because Clayton is a friend and has been one of my mentors in the business. I think Clayton’s spot on when he writes about “the usual drain of the offseason following a Super Bowl run’’ probably taking a toll on the Saints.

I’m not sure the lawsuit against the team by its former security director is going to impact the players at all and I certainly like and respect that the Saints have pretty much kept their team intact. In fact, I think they’re better off in some areas than they were a year ago.

But, let’s face it, what happened with the Saints last season and with a lot of other Super Bowl champions was magic, catching lightning in a bottle, a perfect storm or whatever you want to call it. The Saints were very good, but they also were very lucky and great teams need some of that. The way the scheduled unfolded, the fact they didn’t have any brutal injuries and some other intangibles meant everything went right for the Saints last year.

As Clayton points out, that’s a tough act to follow and every team in the league is going to be out to get the Saints. You know the Falcons, Panthers and Buccaneers have been giving a lot of thought to the Saints.

I still think the Saints will be good and probably make the playoffs. I don’t see doom for them and I will admit there’s one reason why I at least think there’s the possibility of a repeat. His name is Drew Brees. When you’ve got a guy like that around, you can endure some tough luck and still prosper.