Your questions on the Falcons

BUFORD, Ga. -- I’ll be heading over to Flowery Branch to see the Falcons and the Jaguars practice tomorrow.

I’d asked earlier if you had any areas of interest or concern that I could check on, and, as always, you responded. Here’s a sampling.

Francis in Brooklyn, N.Y., writes: Can you look and see how William Moore is looking and if you think he will challenge Erik Coleman for the strong safety position?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, that’s a situation I’m curious about too. I know the Falcons weren’t thrilled with Coleman’s performance last season and they have high hopes for Moore, who missed most of his rookie season with an injury.

Sean in Rochester, N.Y., writes: Do the Falcons have any interest in Aaron Schobel?

Pat Yasinskas: For competitive reasons, teams don’t run around shouting that they’re interested in a player. But I will poke around with my sources tomorrow and see if there’s any interest. Lots of fans have been asking the same question and there seems to be some logic behind it because pass rush is a question mark for the Falcons and we know Schobel can rush the passer.

Reed in Atlanta writes: How is Jerious Norwood holding up after injuries. Also do you think Jason Snelling will get more snaps this season after his heroic effort last year towards the end of the season? I'm hoping to take in the Tuesday afternoon practice this week, hope you enjoy Georgia.

Pat Yasinskas: I’ll check on Norwood. Snelling wound up getting a lot of snaps last season, probably more than the Falcons wanted to give him, but the injuries to Norwood and Michael Turner left the team without many options. Snelling made the most of his opportunity and earned the trust of the coaching staff. If everybody’s healthy, Turner will get the bulk of the snaps, but Norwood and Snelling each will play significant roles as backups. By the way, I always enjoy Georgia. Of the camp facilities in the NFC South go, Flowery Branch is probably the best. It’s the one place where there’s at least a chance of a breeze.

Bryan in NW GA writes: Please ask coach Smith about the condition of the offensive line. You already have got the rest of my questions covered. Thanks for letting us fans get a question in.

Pat Yasinskas: Will do on the offensive line. Always want to hear what fans are wondering about. Part of what we do here is try to get away from some of the old-school media stuff and make things interactive for the readers. Makes it more fun for you and for me.

Greg in Marietta, Ga., writes: I’ve heard that rookies Corey Peters and Dominick Franks are having great camps. Give them a look and let us know what you think?

Pat Yasinskas: Count on it. Even from a distance, I’ve sensed a buzz about these two rookies. I’ll watch them and then talk to the coaches and front office about them and see if the buzz is for real.