Brees against the blitz

NEW ORLEANS -- Drew Brees threw for more than 5,000 yards in 2008, mostly because the Saints couldn’t do much on offense besides pass.

With Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush and Mike Bell giving the Saints a running game in 2009, Brees’ numbers weren’t quite so gaudy and the Saints won the Super Bowl. But in one situation, Brees’ 2009 numbers were dramatically better than 2008.

That was against the blitz. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Brees had a 120.3 passer rating when facing five or more pass-rushers in 2009. In 2008, his rating was 93.4 in those situations. Brees’ 2009 completion percentage against the blitz was 72.1. In 2008, it was 59.8.

Brees also averaged 9.8 yards per attempt against the blitz last year. In 2008, he averaged 8.5 yards. Last season, Brees threw 10 touchdowns and three interceptions on plays where he was blitzed. In 2008, he threw eight touchdowns and four interceptions against the blitz.