Saints have chance to make history

In just the second week of the season, the New Orleans Saints have a chance to make franchise history.

They have never started 2-0 in consecutive seasons, but they can do that with a victory against San Francisco. The Saints started 13-0 last year. But the Saints have started 2-0 only six times in franchise history.

One other positive statistic for the Saints: They’ve won their last five meetings with San Francisco, and each of those have come since the Saints left the NFC West in 2002.

And a final New Orleans note from ESPN Stats & Information: Drew Brees completed 75 percent of his passes in the season opener. That’s the 15th time he’s completed that high of a percentage of his passes since joining the Saints in 2006. In that same time frame, San Francisco quarterbacks have had only five games where they’ve completed 75 percent of their passes.